We finally did another video on our 4 English Bulldogs! This video is another look into our lives owning these crazy lovable drool machines and also a look into their lives having each other and a professional BMX rider as an owner! In this video we attempt to educate you on owning Bulldogs and showcase these amazing animals. Clarence has developed a new routine chasing lights off my phone every morning while I play Piano! We then get some new toys for the pups and attempt to play wit them in the yard but my wife gets attacked by Bees so we have to load them up in the car and take them to my parents house to play there! (you can’t even make this stuff up!) Then we take the dogs for a walk with my parent’s 2 Bulldogs Nevil and Ollie! We then take Chunky man and Leo to my bike shop SC action sports to run around the race track and hang out in the store! We took Chunk for a ride in the basket of a trike and he loved it! To close out the video we gave the dogs a bath and that is quite the task as you could imagine! We love these Bulldogs and we know that you all love them also so we made this for you to hopefully brighten up your day! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and follow @THECRANMERBULLIES and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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