So the time has finally come, my last surgery in what has been probably the longest journey of my entire life. When my accident first happened in Vegas a few months ago I had some complications with one of my surgeries. As a result of that I had a really bad brain bleed and the only way to fix that was if the removed the front portion of my skull. As you all know I have been pretty excited to have my skull put back in, but I ended up getting a plastic piece made perfectly for my head to put back in because my original skull was to badly damaged in the crash. The surgery went great, I have some footage of before and after the surgery, and then Big Boy came to check up on me and you guys will get to see the end result at my house. Its crazy think to think that this was the last major thing I had to do other than just recover, but it is so awesome to see myself in the mirror again with my normal look. If you guys have any question for me and the Big Boy about the entire experience we are doing our first live stream tomorrow at 4pm to answer any of your guys questions, so be there! Thank you so much to everyone that subscribes to the channel, likes, comments, and continues to show there support. I really appreciate it. Love the online crew that has come along with this channel, hope you guys enjoyed this one remember to SUBSCRIBE and peace!