Finding the Perfect Miata (Valentine’s Day Surprise)

Hunting down the perfect Miata to surprise Nicole with on Valentines day – get ready for many plot twists… 3 Miatas, an abandoned mini-golf course, a secret drift spot, and two skateparks! Huge thanks to Taylor for helping me make sure I don’t buy a piece of junk.
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I’ve been wanting to get Nicole a miata for quite some time now, but was waiting until we got a house. I got impatient and decided I’d get her one earlier so she could enjoy Florida before it becomes a sauna in the summer. Taylor and I drove all around Florida trying to find her a clean 1.8 NA Mazda Miata in red and had quite a few speed bumps along the way. This isn’t one of our typical videos, but I thought it would be kind of cool showing the process of finding her car since it will likely be the subject of quite a few videos in the future… Teaching Nicole how to Drift? We shall see :)

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