After being in the hospital and rehabilitation center for over three months I’m finally home. There are so many things at home that I missed but one of the biggest was driving in my car. Me and big boy decided to take the GT-R out and go to the store to get computer equipment and then go to my bike shop and visit my friends. But, I have a secret that I had to reveal to everyone. The day before my accident I ended up selling my STI and my blue GT-R and I picked up a newer 2015 GT-R black edition and my plan was to buy another car that we can build as a project but my accident happened literally the very next day and all my plans have changed. I only drove the GT-R back from the dealership so it was great to go for a ride in it. But since I can’t drive yet big boy had to chauffeur me and yes I was terrified! Besides big boy wanting to launch my car and talking him out of it he did great! Feels great to be home and I’m trying my best to make this injury a positive instead of a setback and so far I’m adapting to my new life great and I’m glad I can bring you all along for the ride