FISE: World Tour Chengdu – Highlights

The Chengdu leg of the FISE World Tour was insane to say the least. Chances are you saw the live stream, so you should have an idea of what I’m talking about… But when you condense all of those hammers from semi-finals and finals into a single 4-minute video, it’s a totally new experience. Logan Martin, Daniel Dhers, and Alex Coleborn took top honors on the podium, but the level of riding that everyone put down was unfathomable. From simple moves done high up and with grace, to the craziest spinning/flipping tailwhip and barspin combinations you can imagine, it’s all here. Also in addition to the standard two runs given to each rider, there was extra time allotted at the end of each heat for a „Best Trick“… So you know shit got out of hand.