Flybikes 2018 Complete BMX Bikes Available Worldwide Now

Learning, moving forward and progressing, that’s the BMX way and it’s no different here at Flybikes. We’re always thinking, making little tweaks to improve and make the cleanest and best complete BMX bikes possible. For 2018 we have a ton of amazing things going on, new products, refinements on some, and changes to others like the mid range Neutron, which is now transition inspired. We hope you’re as excited as we are with new line. Enjoy!

2018 Neo 16″ –!/products/2018-neo-bike-metallic-red

2018 Nova 18″ –!/products/2018-nova18-metallic-blue

2018 Electron –!/products/2018-electron-aquamarine

2018 Neutron –!/products/2018-neutron-flat-tan

2018 Proton –!/products/2018-proton-trans-orange

2018 Sion –!/products/2018-sion-transblue

2018 Orion –!/products/2018-orion-metallic-brown

2018 Omega –!/products/2018-omega-darkraw

Each of these bikes are available through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide and online, or on now!