Flybikes 2019 Complete Bikes – BMX

As always, we’re really excited for what the new year brings! New faces on the scene, progression in riding, trips with friends, and one of the best parts for us, the anticipation for you all to see what we’ve been cooking up here at Flybikes from new innovative parts and eye catching colors, to our complete bike line. For 2019 it’s no different, and we’re proud to bring you, what we feel is our most well rounded and refined completes range to date! Our line has something for all ages, riding preferences and ability levels, from the 16” Neo, 18” Nova, and our brand new 18” Supernova, along with our full line of 20” bikes from the Electron, Neutron and Proton, all the way up the Sion, Orion and Omega. All of these bikes are amazingly spec’d and ready to roll right out of the box! Welcome to the 2019 Flybikes complete bike line!

Learn more about each bike below!

2019 Omega –!/products/2019-omega-flat-trans-gold

2019 Orion –!/products/2019-orion-flat-trans-copper

2019 Sion –!/products/2019-sion-pearl-white

2019 Proton –!/products/2019-proton-gloss-trans-blue

2019 – Neutron –!/products/2019-neutron-flat-metallic-grey

2019 Electron –!/products/2019-electron-metallic-red

2019 Supernova 18″ –!/products/2019-supernova-18-flat-pearl-green

2019 Nova 18″ –!/products/2019-nova-18-metallic-greyish-blue

2019 Neo –!/products/2019-neo-bike-metallic%20orange

Filmed and edited by Diego Manero

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