Flybikes 2019 Omega Complete – BMX

The Omega was already amazingly equipped, and that carried right over to our 2019 model! One subtle upgrade that will make a big difference was shortening the rear end. The Omega now comes with a very responsive 13” rear end, much like our Fuego and Savanna signature frames, making it an even better street machine than it already was. Also much like Courage Adams’ style of riding and demand, we are now offering a Cassette version along with the all-new Courage Adams signature Savanna seat. This bike is also available in a freecoaster version for those of you who prefer going backwards without pedaling!
Coming in two awesome colors; the amazing Devon Smillie Flat Translucent Gold and the classic Flat Black colorways.

2019 Omega Translucent Gold:!/products/2019-omega-flat-trans-gold

2019 Omega Flat Black –!/products/2019-omega-flat-black