Flybikes Coastin – The Search

As we expanded our search down the coast we came across even more unique spots to ride and with the creative ideas from the riders we pushed the pallet idea even further. From a cool street setup right next to the water and a session were Ruben, Sergio, Kevin and Stefan pushed the limits of the ramps.
„With a little throwback to its roots and the Flybikes „Uno“ video of a few years ago, and with interests outside of just riding bikes ranging from skating to surfing, the Fly crew’s DIY approach and guidance of semi local Ruben headed up along the Northern Coast of Spain bringing it’s own makeshift, versatile and sometimes maybe a little sketchy pallet inspired ramps to create something „more“ than was really out there originally, on some of the most unique and scenic locations in the world, making „almost spots“ into some of the most amazing and rideable spots ever! Enjoy the ride with the Flybikes family. Ruben, Sergio, Devon, Stefan, Kevin, Chris, Roey and Courage in Flybikes „Coastin“.

Video filmed, directed and produced by Lee Turner and Flybikes.