Flybikes – Sergio Layos 2015 Bike Check – BMX

Are you curious what Sergio Layos is running for a setup? Here’s a look at his 2015 Flybikes Trueno setup along with some riding from his recent trip to Malta!

Frame: Flybikes Trueno X Etnies
Fork: Flybikes Agua
Bars: Flybikes Trueno
Stem: Flybikes Central
Headset: Flybikes
Grips: Flybikes Sergio
Seat: Flybikes Roey Tripod
Cranks: Flybikes Dolmen
Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Graphite
Sprocket: Flybikes Pentagano
Chain: Flybikes Tractor
Front hub: Flybikes
Front Rim: Flybikes Piramide 2
Front Tire: Flybikes Ruben Rampera 2.35″
Rear Hub: Profile Racing Elite
Rear Rim: Flybikes Piramide 2
Rear Tire: Flybikes Ruben Rampera 2.35″
Tubes: Flybikes Cobra
Pegs: Flybikes

Filmed and edited by Hugo Almeida

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