In our 2nd game of add on we all met at The Incline Club Skatepark for an after hour session. We tried to go to another skateparkbut it snowed in NJ again.. But the crew rolled up including Matty Cranmer, Vinny Mannino, Brooklyn, and the Big Boy! We started the game with Big Boy and he decided to go on a power trip and set a flair on the 10ft quarter for the very first trick! That immediately took out almost everyone! So we decided to do a 2nd round and try to see how far we could go and we got to the 12th trick! After the game Matty and Big played the rolls of Connor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz and had a grappling match in the skatepark! A lot of laughs in this! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!