Game of Bike: Adam LZ vs. Nate Brown

I met this shredder named Nate Brown and it was much too cold to film an edit so we played a game of bike! Who should I play next?
Filmed on my 60D 18-135mm f3.5 by Josh McElwee at Reid Mentzer Skatepark in York, PA.
Sorry about the wind noise, it was my first time using my mic in wind. I need to go and buy one of those feather dildo looking things to get rid of the sound I believe. Thanks for watching :)
Oh and do you like videos filmed with this lens or fisheye better? They have their pros and cons.
I feel like this is the longest description ever.
I’m bored.
There is snow outside.
Its cold.
I’m going back to Florida on Sunday if you care. Shoutout to winter coats, peppermint mocha lattes, and yellow cherry tomatoes for being so damn awesome.
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May your bangs bang and your bikes buzz :p