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Our BMX submission courtesy of Bradford O’Connell, repping the Misfits Crew out of Minnesota ( If you’d like to submit a video to the Our BMX YouTube channel, please email an unlisted YouTube link to with „YouTube Submission“ and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

„The Minnesota scene is alive and well, but no outsider would ever know it. There are no companies, events, or teams based out of Minnesota. If you want to make something here, you have to do it yourself. I decided to start filming this video coming into fall 2018. Living in a small town I had to call up the good buddies, Bradley, Sage and Jack to come meet me at spots 40 min away in the Twin Cities. They would volunteer their time and gas to come film my dumb ass on an iPhone 6s with a Death Lens. Due to our small scene you know everyone after a few visits to that dreaded indoor skatepark. I can’t thank enough Team RDDO for influencing me and showing me the ropes. Those are the dudes that make BMX here special. I only hope my crew, “misfits crew” will be able to be that good of an influence to the younger kids growing up here. I hope my video screams Minnesota at you from the song to the iconic spots and my intro! Because the scene here is great and now you know it!“ —Bradford O’Connell

In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We’re building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple. We want to continue what we love. We want to create great content, feature awesome riders, and contribute, push, and show why we love BMX. We sincerely appreciate any and all support… —Ryan Fudger, Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and Justin Benthien.