Have officially hit 850,000 SUBSCRIBERS! In honor of this milestone we have once again stepped up to take on a challenge. This time around none other than the Big Boy has stepped up and demanded that he gets another chance a challenge glory! He told me that he had an idea but that I needed to trust him and that is when I started to get nervous! He said that he wanted to front flip my Nissan GT-R and I immediately shot down the idea big boy stayed persistent and argued a clear enough case that this would be possible for him! So we all got together at the bike shop the whole crew, and we built the ramp of his choice. Then a rainstorm started to Roll in as big boy started to eye up his front flip this is when I got really nervous! With time running out big boy attempted the front flip and he landed like a ton of bricks and nearly broke his leg running it over with his own bike.. But if anybody knows big boy from this channel they know that big boy doesn’t quit so big we got right back on that bike more determined than ever and cemented yet another milestone in channel history! I can’t believe the big boy front flipped over my GT-R and I can’t believe that I actually let him! But the thing I truly can’t believe it’s how blessed we are to have 850,000 subscribers that support us making these videos! thank you all!

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