How to Feeble Grind BMX

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So as you may or may not know I dislocated my finger the other day, this is my first attempt at riding, just to make a how to for you all. It still hurts like a motherfucker and I’m going to take it easy for another week.
I was inspired by some wise words regarding leaving a positive impact on the world and right now I think the best method for me to accomplish this is by making more how tos. With that being said, expect more how-tos than ever to be uploaded throughout the next week, in a addition to a Cody Krueger bike check and a new webisode.
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THAT is why I am going to be doing a lot of beginner how tos again. Rather than teach the people who are already BMX riders how to 540 or barspin to icepick I think it is more important at this moment in time to get new young blood into riding bikes.
With all that in mind, here is my how to feeble grind.
Feebles are awesome and you should definitely learn them.