How to Manual BMX

Want to learn manuals the FASTEST and EASIEST way?
Here is a fun and extremely informative video that will help tremendously. Featuring Adam LZ & Spencer Foresman.
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a how-to, and I’m excited to start making more for you guys. Webisodes and other videos seemed to be more enjoyed by you guys, so I put my little time into making those. However, I now have some more free time so I’m going to start trying to do a few how-tos per month. Some basic, some advanced. A big reason I was hesitant to making some is because I’ve gotten super picky with the quality of the filming, so much so that I just refused to make how-tos all together. I realized that isn’t benefiting anyone so I had my girlfriend Nicole come along with Spencer and me and spend some time putting together a video that I believe will make manuals way easier for you. This is the first of a new wave of how tos, so please be vocal and tell us in the comments what you liked, what you didn’t like, what we should add in the videos, and obviously what other tricks you would like to learn.
Thanks for watching :)