Jeff Wescott’s Mutiny Comb Line

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This latest video from Jeff Wescott encompasses a wide variety of spots, which in turn allows Jeff to cover all of his riding styles in one video. From the deserts of Arizona to the Rainforest of Puerto Rico, Jeff has made it a point to take time in completing his promo video for his new Mutiny COMB line! Through minor injuries and busy schedules, Jeff, Tony and myself have managed to bring you this amazing video and to accompany all of that hard work, a full length interview on Jeff, to explore more of what makes him who he is from many different angels…

Watch Jeff travel from his new hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to spots hundreds of miles away, and get a feel for why Jeff rides for Mutiny and embraces his brand new product series, the COMB line from Mutiny!

See the full DIG interview with Jeff right here:

Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf

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