Joris Coulomb – Subrosa Brand „Get Used To IT“ Section

Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Joris Coulomb came through with an awesome section, and it’s one of my favorites in the video. Joris was added to the team late into the filming of Get Used To It, so his section wasn’t planned to us. Joris had a different idea, and proceeded to kill it at every single spot we went to. A majority of Joris’s section was filmed on just one trip to Barcelona, and one trip to Arizona.

Joris has such a laid-back/effortless style to his riding that he can make something as simple as a hop crankflip look amazing. When he adds that same style to a big trick, god damn it’s awesome to watch.

Look for more from Subrosa and Joris later this year when his limited edition signature color on the Noster frame.

Subrosa Brand’s „Get Used To It“ is available now worldwide in shops and mail-orders on DVD! The Digital Download is available at

Also a huge thank you goes out to the band Ruby the Hatchet for the use of the song „Holy Father“! Such an awesome song to go with Joris’s riding.

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