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Our BMX submission courtesy of Devin Boehm ( If you’d like to submit a video to the Our BMX YouTube channel, please email an unlisted YouTube link to with „YouTube Submission“ and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

Description: „It all started with Clarke Withington and I filming a few clips for a Woodward Staff video when he offered to film me a whole edit. With less than a week to get this done before I left Woodward for the summer, Clarke and I would rush to film clips in between each of our shifts. Needless to say, for my 19 year old edit, I’m beyond stoked with the result. My riding has the classic barspin-tailwhip style that you see nowadays, but I’ve always tried to switch it up with unique tricks that you don’t see very often, if at all, and I really tried to showcase that in this video, from flairwhips to cavemans to crankflips to honey dippers, this video has a fair share of everything (except for a few clips that were lost, but that’ll just have to wait for a future edit hehe). I can not thank Clarke Withington enough for doing such an amazing job filming and editing this, and Our BMX for sharing this to you all.“

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