We rolled up to a new skatepark in New Jersey, we have never been here before but we figured since it was 66 degrees out we would give it a go. All of the younger skateboarders were there that are local to the park and they were super fun to session with. I love being back out riding with the boys, we had so much fun. Flair challenge turned into quite the challenge. Big Boy bends his brand new rail as well as gets a nice little spinal on the cursed rail. Cory goes down in the mini ramp. Big Boy and Cory get some good clips on the BMX bikes and Big Boy grabs a clip on the skateboard. Then to top that all off we got kicked out by the police because Big Boy is just to intimidating to have at the park I guess. All is ok though because I am out having fun with my friends and that is what it is all about. Hope you guys enjoyed this one remember to Subscribe and peace.