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When you go as fast and as big as Larry Edgar goes, you need to know that you can count on the parts that are on your bike. That’s why we not only design our bikes, frames and parts to look great, but to be able to handle the abuse that comes from riding. When we worked with Larry on designing his signature Aire frame, we knew we had to do something that he could take to the trails, ramps or a street spot and have it be able to take on everything he throws at it. We did just that, and Larry rides one dialed bike. Take a closer look at Larry Edgar’s signature Aire setup in this new video bike check, along with a sample of what he can do on it during a backyard ramp session!

Frame: Flybikes Aire Frame –!/products/aire-frame-purple

Bars: Stay Strong Edgar Bars

Stem: Flybikes Volcano TL –!/products/volcano-tl-stem

Fork: Flybikes Volcano –!/products/volcano-fork

Headset: Flybikes Rotar –!/products/rotar-headset

Grips: Flybikes Roey –!/products/roey-grips

Cranks: Flyibkes Dolmen –!/products/dolmen-cranks

Bottom Bracket: Flybikes Rotar –!/products/rotar-mid-bottom-bracket

Sprocket: Flybikes Tractor XL –!/products/tractor-xl-sprocket

Chain: Flybikes Tractor –!/products/tractor-chain

Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Aluminum –!/products/ruben-aluminum-pedals

Seat: Flybikes Sierra –!/products/sierra-seat

Seat Post: Flybikes Tripod –!/products/tripod-seat-post

Front Hub: Flybikes Classic –!/products/classic-front-hub

Rear Hub: Profile Racing Elite

Rims: Flybikes Lunar –!/products/lunar-rim

Tires: Flybikes Fuego –!/products/fuego-tire

Pegs: Flybikes Tubo –!/products/tubo-peg

Filmed and edited by Ryan Sherman

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