Lost In The Ozone – A Remembrance Of Brian Histand

„When elders speak of young deaths as a shame, I find it contradicting when it comes from someone who has barely left the state they were born in. Brian Histand died young. Yet Brian lived a life more exciting than millions who have lived over seventy five. The details of Brian’s missing time period and death I will leave out of detail. Brian is gone now and the focus is on the things that he did positive when he lived. Which was nearly everything that he did. It is rare that I meet a human who is constantly so optimistic that in any situation or circumstance.. they are laughing through all of it. Even during times of pain and misfortune, Brian was laughing. There were times that I feared for Brian’s life in which quickly turned into him making a joke about how much he must have just looked like claymation whilst crashing. I traveled with Brian off and on for four to five years. Never once did I see him take a negative route for any situation. Not to mention he was a constant comedian. No matter the time or place, Brian always had room to goof off. That is an attribute I can admire. He didn’t waste time over reacting or turning situations negative.

We were confronted by an angry pedestrian with threats of a swinging sledge hammer and he bursted into tears laughing at the guy. Normally I would have imagined it would increase the dangers of the situation but in this case it led to the sledge hammer freak to chill out and laugh about it too. Perhaps there was an extended energy with Brian that induced people to chill out. I can’t say I ever met anyone that was mad at Brian. Truly or even remotely upset with him. The energy he splattered into the BMX world was the same style. I never met anyone that hated on his riding. He was super talented and could do any trick really that he wanted to learn yet he wanted to do what rocked his socks off… Jump big shit! He was such a fan of fast, loose, and exhilarating riding. He wanted to find the next big set up. The next big bongo launcher that he could sail off of. If you take into account some of the things he’s done and saw the run ups in person you would totally understand that he is one of the craziest BMXers to have existed thus far. That could be my personal opinion but if you have seen a handful of the spots he has accomplished and attempted in person.. you’d know there are not many that would pursue the same.

The video I put together of Brian is a combination of footage from Bone Deth road trips. From Surfin’ for the Ugly Broads DVD, to the rotten video, gypsy tour, and many more. Mostly shot by myself, Dean Dickinson, Ryan Navazio, and Dave Krone. There is a ton more footage of Brian out there. From his Tempered edits, to the Yo guy DVD and more. But this footage consists of the time that I traveled with Brian.

I will never forget the day I rode face first into a steel telephone pole nearly knocking myself out because I had just watched Brian do a 360 bunny hop table so flat that i lost concentration and magnetized to the nearest pole with my face. Still to this day I have never seen anyone bunny hop table 360 straight off the ground so good. That Histand hop will be ringing in my brain forever. The pain included I do not even regret. I hope this video gives a slight glimpse into Brian’s madness and positivity. A truly great rider and great friend.… a deadman before death.. and now forever. RIP BRIAN HISTAND.“ – Sean Burns

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