Mark Burnett’s Field Notes: Oregon with QBP

Mark Burnett is back at it. In the latest episode of Mark Burnett’s Field Notes, the guys head to Oregon with QBP. Join Mark Burnett, Bjarki Hardarson, Matt Ray, and Jabe Jones as they cruise through Oregon visiting shops and riding skateparks.
Thanks to The Lumberyard, Santiam Bikes, and Hutch’s Bike Shop for having us and hanging out. Also a big thanks to Ben Austin and QBP for coming along for the ride.
Now go enjoy this episode of Mark Burnett’s Field Notes.

Filmed and Edited By: Mark Burnett

Check out the shops we visited along the way:
The Lumberyard:


Santiam Bikes:

Hutch’s Bike Shop:

And for all of your bicycle needs check out QBP:

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