Scene videos are always a treat… riders you’ve never heard of, spots you’ve never seen, and clips that make you want to ride. Mark Burnett and the rest of the CYB crew put in work throughout Upstate, NY to bring you „The CYB DVD“.

„3 years ago my friends and I started out filming for something with no real destination. Fast forward 2 years and we had something. Everybody had crushed it and things were falling into place quite nicely. I had no real experience with a project of this size before so there were some setbacks. Without a doubt the biggest issue I ran into was on Christmas Eve of 2016 when I accidentally deleted the whole video off of my computer. Devastated and unmotivated, the project fell to a stand still. Over the next 8 months or so I slowly recaptured and logged all of the footage. As I was gearing up to finally finish the thing, my computer shit the bed and it seemed like I wasn’t gonna be able to get the files off of my old laptop to move machines. With a little technical help I slowly retrieved the video, piece by piece. If it had been up to me I would’ve been over it, but I couldn’t do that to my friends. These guys are my peers, my favorite riders, my brothers. The video was about, or so I thought, 80% done when the premiere got put into place. We reserved the date of September 22nd in early august, just as I had left for a 3 week trip overseas. Here I am, hard drive-less for 3 weeks a little less than 2 months before the premiere. The moment I got home it was game on. This was the only time in my life where I was glad to have come down with a cold and on top of that it rained for 3 days. I sat in my room, under a blanket and in front of my computer for most of a week, fine tuning and simultaneously losing my mind. I sent the video out to get duplicated on the 6th of September and picked the copies up at UPS the morning of the premiere. As stressful as it had been, it all worked out and I got to enjoy the fruits of our labor that night sitting next to all the homies and our adjacent loved ones. In order of appearance, the video stars Jared Butler, John Bohanski, Rojay Ragbeer, Nick Hay, Robby Surooj, Brandon Fraser, Damin Walton, Devon Swahlan, and myself Mark Burnett. Filmed solely on VX 2000’s in Upstate New York. This is the CYB DVD.“ – Mark Burnett