Matt Roe – Signature line riding video

Putting into words „Roey’s“ riding is honestly kinda difficult, it’s not something that can be easily explained, and I know that sounds cliché, you hear that about other riders I’m sure, but Matt has a style that takes what others do to a whole new level, it genuinely has to be experienced firsthand to understand, and anyone who’s been around him for any amount of time will attest to this. Yes he can blast, he’s ultra smooth and has a bunch of tricks, but there’s just some small nuances in his riding that no amount of writing or filming can easily capture, his bike appears to be an extension of him, much like a surfer and his board, every curve, curb or ditch becomes his wave to carve, sliding and slashing, choosing lines that appear fluid and continuous, ridden with a ton of speed and control. He sets his bike up to reflect his style and to accommodate his needs, simple, clean and light.

So, if you’re into that, then there’s a good chance you’ll like the parts he runs, which include „Roey’s“ new Fly Bikes signature Tripod seat and stem along with all the other sweet Fly Bikes parts …. Maybe they’ll help you go higher, go faster and be smoother !?!.

Filmed and edited – Lee Turner