Day 2 of our California trip! Practice for the Vans BMX bowl competition has officially started! 30 of the best riders in the world are competing for top honors on an insane temporary concrete course built on the beach! I was invited to compete and my little brother Matty was invited to compete as an alternate! So Matty needs to ride his best so he gets hand selected by the judges to ride in the event and Matty is on fire! He was going so fast and so high while doing some original lines mixed with big tricks like flairs and even backflips over the spine! after practice we went out for lunch and then Trey Jones took us to this top secret cement ditch that you can ride as a halfpipe! We all got some tricks on there! Big Boy got a flat! After the ditch we stopped by the Cult BMX warehouse and hangout with the owner Robbie Morales! Back at the house we were all hanging out in the kitchen bored when we decided to play a game with Big Boy! We put about 20 different household sauces, spices, dressings, coffee, Dr. Pepper, cookies, pop corn, and worchester sauce in a cup and Big Boy had to tell us what he tasted!! Then we made a bet, $100 if he drank the whole thing! He failed miserably! He took 1 sip and threw up everywhere! We are having too much fun here! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!