My First Drift Event: Learning the Ropes

Hop in my S13 and experience my rookie drifting at two different tracks!
I take my 240SX to the track for the first time EVER and have an absolute blast learning how to slide! Prior to this I’ve really only done first gear donuts, so there was a lot to be learned!

By NO means is this video me trying to make it seem like I’m any good at drifting – in fact it’s the exact opposite! I got this car to learn how to drift and I wanted to cover it from the very beginning. That’s why I’m showing you guys all the spin outs and understeer – because one day if/when I get decent at drifting it will be cool to look back at how much I sucked! You can kind-of see me learning just at this event which is pretty cool.

Once again, huge thank you to every person that helped me get my car running and gave me tips on the track. I’m in this 100% for fun and it’s awesome that everyone is so down to help me out.

Track is Orlando Speed World off Rt 50.

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