Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to try to ride my quad again, it has a clutch for my left hand is my strong hand and has the most control so I should be able to drive the clutch on the quad. So me and big boy drove over to my parents house tried to start a quad just to find out that it won’t start. It doesn’t seem to be anything major but it could be a starter issue or a battery issue I’m not exactly sure. So after about 30 minutes of messing around with it we finally got into big boys truck! We brought it over to a friends place to get checked out as soon as we got there he threw big boy on a brand-new fully electric dirtbike and it scared the crap right out of big boy. It would be awesome to see big we get a dirtbike I think you would have a lot of fun that way me and him and the boys could all have something to go ride at the pits. I hope you guys enjoy this video remember to like, turn on your notifications, and subscribe.