My Secret Plan: JDM Cars, Indoor Skateparks, and Perfecting the Dream House

It’s so easy to get caught in the day to day routine that your long term goals get overlooked. Without a plan you’re just wandering through life aimlessly and you don’t really have much control of where you end up. If you break your goals down into manageable and achievable tasks that you can work toward TODAY you’ll be that much closer to reaching your dreams. I took 11 things I want to work towards and broke them down to show you how easy it is.

You guys see the array of things we’re always up to, but I don’t often share what goes on behind the scenes, or in my brain I should say. It takes a lot to make it all happen. It’s very easy to be all talk and no action without even meaning it. My trick has always been breaking down complex things into steps (I even do the same thing for learning bike tricks). Once you get step 1 done it kind of forces you to work on step 2 and the final step feels that much closer.

No idea how you guys will like this video, but if it helps even a few of you out there it is worth it to me. My 335i Goals video or my graduation video may have been annoying to some people, but getting positive messages/comments from people who were able to drastically improve the course of their life because of them really makes me want to keep doing stuff like this once in a while. Hope you understand :)


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