Trust me, buy Nathan’s Why Not section. $5 well spent!

Season 2, Episode 4. Got an unscheduled episode of Unclicked for you. Christian Rigal and Nathan Williams sit down to discuss their brand new (and epic) video part that dropped this morning. From The first ever repeat guest on Unclicked, Demarcus Paul, sits down to discuss some poignant topics within the world, what happened with longtime sponsor Volume Bikes, and who his new sponsor is…

0:00 – Dennis and I get a preview of “Why Not?” & Intro
1:40 – Why “Why Not?”
8:00 – Doing the project without any companies backing it.
11:50 – “How do you feel about selling a video part?”
13:26 – Why no hard copy?
17:45 – What’s the response been thus far?
19:50 – Nathan’s filming process
22:01 – What Nathan did at El Toro
25:45 – Christian’s guest epic guest clip
28:30 – Not on subject: Our BMX coffee table book & the status of NORA Cup 2020
32:40 – Nathan’s biggest battle during filming
40:58 – How does the money get split up?
42:00 – Why didn’t iTunes work out?
45:00 – Don’t upload the video, kids.
48:38 – Demarcus and Corey Martinez video parts are coming!
51:50 – Champagne vs Why Not?
53:35 – Nathan’s all time favorite video part?
55:05 – Natha’s X Games Real BMX part
57:00 – What was the last clip filmed?
1:01:45 – “This project cost $10,000”
1:09:09 – You ain’t getting a link, buy the video!

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