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New product feature for you guys…just some visuals of a product. You into it or nah? The first feature is of Madera’s new Seel’d Universal Guard Sprocket. I’ll let them explain: „For a limited time, the Madera Signet Universal Bash Sprocket is available all “Seel’d” up as a Jake Seeley twist on our number one sprocket. Click the link below to snag one while supplies last or holler at your local shop or favorite mail-order to get one.“

-Machined from 6061 aluminum
-Made in the USA by Profile Racing
-The Seel’d Guard is a unique “universal” sprocket.
-It uses an adapter insert to make the sprocket compatible with spline drive or bolt on style cranks.
-The adapter is available for 19mm, 22mm, & 24mm axle sizes. One sprocket fits all!
-A Universal Adapter Insert can be added when purchasing the guard sprocket(Recommended), purchased seperately, or be not required if you already have one.

Following are the Universal Adapter choices:
A. 19mm Spline Drive
B. 22mm Spline Drive
C. 19mm Bolt On
D. 22mm Bolt On
E. 24mm Bolt On

Sizes: 25t and 28t – 1/8 ” chain width
Colors: Black Only.
Weight(without insert): 157g/5.55 oz (25t) / 201g/7.05 oz (28t)

Pick one up here:

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