Nigel Sylvester – „Go!‘ 2 | Los Angeles

Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester Presents the second installment of his series, Go!

BMX has always been about expressing your point of view. Nigel gives us a true, up close and personal experience of what riding his bike is really like. Last leaving us in New York City, Nigel has finally landed in Los Angeles and fun continues.

Where should Nigel ‚Go!‘ next?


Directed by: Harrison Boyce

Produced by: Nigel Sylvester + Jaimie Sanchez

Special Thanks to Nick Young, Rob Dyrdek, P. Rod, Steezus, Ben Baller, Jamie Chung, Chad Kerley, Shannon Brown, Grant Germain and Augie Simoncini.

Bas – „Too High Too Riot“
Dave East – „Winners Never Lose“
Bodega Bamz – „Say Amen“
Zoey Dollaz – „Blow a Check“

IG + Twitter: @NigelSylvester