PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND DO ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THESE VIDEOS AT HOME. I AM 18 AND ALLOWED TO GET A TATTOO, DO NOT DO UNLESS YOU ARE OF AGE! So we filmed another video the same night at the mainland tranny’s and we had a killer session. After we decided to play a game of foot down for some high stakes. The prize for the winner was they got to pick a person to tattoo and what they have to get tattooed on them. 100 percent do not try this at home we are professionals at doing dumb stuff especially me the BIG BOY! I literally live to to dumb stuff and don’t regret anything that I do. EVER!!! I trusted TreyJones 110% on this one I knew that anything that he was gonna put on my body would be absolutely amazing and he killed it on this one all I have to say is THIS TATTOO HAS SOMEONES NAME INVOLVED IN IT HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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