No Jumper – The Antwuan Dixon Interview

Today I’m happy to present you with what might just be our most anticipated episode of No Jumper yet. You see, Antwuan got arrested the first time we tried to do this (you’ll hear all about that in the interview)so it’s been a few months, during which I have been asked no less than 5 times per day when this was going to come out. I finally got Twuan into the studio with some help from Caleb Quanbeck and we basically just had a conversation for a little over an hour and while I felt like it was totally incoherent while it was happening, upon editing it I found myself really enjoying it. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. So without further explanation, here it is, the Antwuan Dixon podcast!

00:20 Why Antwuan got arrested last time he tried to do No Jumper
02:20 Betrayal
06:00 People’s misconceptions of him
06:45 Drugs
08:20 Caleb introduces himself
09:50 A fight story
13:30 BMX and rollerblading
16:00 Long Beach
17:30 Skating
21:00 Money
23:50 The Thrasher section he’s working on
25:40 The White Stripes
31:30 Raw Dog
38:10 Doing drugs in jail
41:00 Antwuan’s iPhone app
43:20 Tattoos and DMT
43:30 Knocking out a pedophile
49:00 Hood rich but he never had a bank account
1:00:30 Losing your mind
1:03:00 Girls who can’t spell
1:08:00 Terrorist attacks in Paris