No Jumper – The Ryan Holiday Interview

I was truly excited to get Ryan Holiday on the show. Not only is he a bestselling author and an unbelievably successful entrepreneur, he has introduced me to countless amazing books through his reading list including the best marketing book I’ve ever read, his first, Trust Me I’m Lying. I spotted Ryan in one of Casey Neistat’s vlogs the other day and a few emails later, I had him locked in to do the podcast during a quick trip to LA. We had a great conversation for over an hour and I think you’ll all enjoy it! If you do, buy Ryan’s books via the link below and make sure to subscribe to his mailing list to stay up on some great book recommendations.

Ryan’s books:

Trust Me, I’m Lying:

Growth Hacker Marketing:

The Obstacle Is The Way:

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01:00 Casey Neistat
10:00 RIP Cloud Toda
11:00 Taking your life into your own hands
16:00 Compound Interest
20:00 Trust Me I’m Lying
25:00 Backlash
30:00 His other 2 books
39:00 Working with Cash Money on a book
43:00 Reading
51:00 Book recommendations for No Jumper fans
58:00 Getting out of bed dilemma
1:03:00 Living in a small town vs living in NYC or LA
1:09:30 Working for free
1:17:00 Inspiration