No Jumper – The Shane Gonzales & Ian Connor Interview

The other day I texted my buddy Trev „let’s get that Shane podcast cracking next week“. He responded „Ian is in town and they want to do it tonight“. And that, my friends, is how I ended up interviewing two of the most enigmatic young men in the fashion world on 3 hours notice. Shane has completely avoided video interviews up until this point and Ian has only done a handful but they came through, smoked cigarettes and answered all my questions. Shane came out of his shell a little bit and Ian was boisterous as ever. Enjoy this and by all means, Subscribe to us on iTunes and Follow us on Soundcloud:

01:00 Ian shows us his gun
02:45 Shane’s first attempts at making clothes as a kid and early influences
06:00 Chicks
08:30 Ian is making a porno
11:00 What are your types?
12:30 What happened with Wiz Khalifa?
14:30 Rocky and Yams
22:00 How Ian and Shane became friends
25:30 Raf Simons
28:00 The Pink Dolphin collab
30:00 Xavier Wulf
33:00 Murder, fighting and stealing people’s girlfriends
39:00 Virgil and mentorship
42:45 Thrifting daily
47:00 The media
52:00 The youth
1:00:00 Post Malone
1:02:00 Game theory tho
1:03:45 Fat Jew
1:11:00 Soulja Boy

Thumbnail photo: Michael Knapp