No Jumper – The Zac FTP Interview

This week on No Jumper I interviewed Zac from FTP aka FUCK THE POPULATION, a so called „anti streetwear“ streetwear brand from Los Angeles. Zac is only 21 and he has been making big moves over the past couple years, amassing a sizable fan base and pissing off streetwear elder-statesmen at every turn.

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00:45 Starting a brand
03:30 The Columbine tee
05:30 Streetwear
07:30 Beefing with The Hundreds
10:30 Fredo Santana & Yung Gleesh
13:50 Odd Future
15:20 Slim Jesus
18:30 Beefing with Ian Connor
21:00 Soulja Boy
24:00 HUF
29:00 Fairfax
32:40 Drugs
36:30 Cut n sew
39:30 Hypebeastin’
41:30 Negativity

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