Not your Ordinary BMX Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

We take full advantage of downtown Orlando by hanging from palm trees, falling in bushes, sitting on moving trucks, and more.
Go behind the scenes with Bert, John, and me as we shoot photos for the new LZBMX range and have a blast doing it.
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Once or twice a year, I’ll meet up with my friend Sergio to shoot some REALLY good photos to use on my social media and on the LZBMX website. This time I decided it might be fun to bring Bert and John along, and whenever those two are around I can’t help, but pull the camera out. I didn’t know how this video would turn out, so I just tried to film everything and would see how it looked edited together. Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with the final outcome. It’s not a webisode because there isn’t no riding, but there’s a lot of funny/interesting stuff in here that I thought would be cool to show you guys. Instead of me just mysteriously posting all these photos, now you know where they came from :) We probably should take shooting photos more seriously, but hey, everyone does that. Why not have fun and mess around instead?

Regarding videos, I know I’ve been a bit weak lately (literally as well). I do have a surprise trip planned tomorrow where I’m flying somewhere mysterious and filming a bunch of cool stuff (and I promise there will be good riding). So excited :)

Check out Sergio’s page for more of his photos: