Our Introduction to Kenneth Tencio

A little over three years ago, I traveled to Woodward West to shoot with a virtually unknown rider from Costa Rica that I had never met before based purely on a recommendation from Daniel Dhers. This was the first time I encountered Kenneth Tencio.

Straight away, it was clear that Kenneth was something special. Even though his English skills were incredibly limited, his gratefulness, work ethic, and skill needed no translation.

The next few hours were filled with absolute insanity. Kenneth’s style was like nothing I had ever seen before and his willingness to „send it“ was something that is far too uncommon in this era.

I had planned on spending two days with Kenneth but, after an amazing few hours, I felt comfortable heading home to my dog.

Since this day in 2014, Kenneth landed a pro deal with Eastern and has found great success competing around the world. And, at only twenty-three years old, this is still the beginning.


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