Out of Bounds – Vans BMX

„It was never about waving around the brand like a flag. It was always about the people.“ Paul Van Doren.
„Out of Bounds“ emerged under this premise, about which the creator of Vans founded the brand more than forty years ago. In this series of videos we will see our ambassadors of the Spanish team.
We will approach to each one’s life to know the person beyond the athlete: their beginnings, their goals, their worries and what makes their hearts beat.
In this first chapter Daniel Peñafiel „Naran“ reflects on Bmx, what does it mean to him, how were his first steps and how important is friendship inside and outside the sport.
Riders: Daniel Peñafiel (Naran), Alvaro Serrano, Rodri Sanz, Mario Sanz Piraña.
Director, Dop, editor: Iker Elorrieta.
Executive production: Eduardo Quintana, A. Sota.
Project planner: Jules Lee.
Production: Iker Elorrieta
Production assistant: Darío Gil.
Subtitles: Paula Arri.
Music: „Sileo“ Rhian Sheehan rhiansheehan.com
Production Company: Pantoma films.

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