After what seemed like everything was going wrong, I decided to take an hour and write my first song. All the time we get caught up over things that don’t really matter at all. Perspective is key.
Lyrics & more below.

Beat by Ryan Litle –

Nothing terrible happened that day, it was just a culmination of stupid things going wrong that had me super frustrated. Business stuff, video stuff, personal life stuff – pretty much everything. I’ve always done freestyles and haven’t ever really wrote anything that I could put thought into. It felt kind of cool to vent into a song at the time, but the next morning I woke up and feared that it was a bit too serious to put on YouTube. I decided to put in a bunch of funny doogie clips and I think it worked as comic relief. You tell me :)

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Take a second think back, its whack
Thinking ‚bout all the things that have changed
man its lame
To see me sitting here and to think I’d complain?
3 years ago like man i would die
to be seen driving in a 335
But why, now is my head in the clouds
my feet on the ground – man I got a house
Slow – I know what’s wrong
We’re moving along
what’s going on
with me? the answer: perspective is key
No matter how bad you have it man someones got it worse
You complain bout the rain while their moms in a hearse
What’s worse? We get trapped thinking like this. We have it so bad – walking round pissed.
Stop – be glad for you have – or you’ll always be mad
take a match out the bag burn those thoughts to the ground – the embers die out and you think what now?
See what you want to see
with clarity: things appear differently
or so it seems
but its up to you
do what you want to do

When your days kinda rough
keep perspective
when the problem is hard and the solution is tough
keep perspective
without the hate we could not know love
its perspective
its the people you’re around that will make your life good – so treat em like you should

When something goes wrong and your down on yourself
keep perspective
when your job is a joke and you want more wealth
keep perspective
some out there would give it all for better health—
its perspective
its the people you’re around that will make your life good – so treat em like you should

Who the hell am i to be advocating this
its like im telling lies, I’m the biggest hypocrite

The truth is gonna come out the mist
never told it like this, I’m a doofus, i know
like oh, i chose, my woes, forego this show, yo

IM never gonna think like that again
im gonna write my thoughts with a ball point pen
Ill share it with the world and with all my friends
its the only thing i think that’ll last to the end. – like yo

Some things stay some go
the only things i trust are the things that i know
The people in my life I will never outgrow
I won’t get sucked in this undertow.