Picking up ANOTHER Engine…

It’s a weird plan, but I’m hoping it’ll save time and enable me to drift as much as possible. We may not end up needing it, but it’s hard to say until we are able to inspect the bottom end! Shirts and merch – http://LZBMX.com

I feel like it seems really confusing in the video so I’ll type out the explanation again. We’re waiting on quite a bit of parts for the 2JZ, and from experience I know „one week“ can easily turn into a month when it comes to cars. It seems like the 2JZ is at least a month and a half to two months out until we’re able to drop it in so I thought it would be smart to rebuild the SR20 to drive in the mean time rather than doing more damage by continually beating on it. The plan has been to put it in another shell once the 2JZ is in, so it was going to happen eventually – just now sooner than later. Originally we we’re going to build the bottom end of the slush motor while I kept my SR running, but Alberto is convinced we can knock everything out in a weekend so we MIGHT end up just building mine. Only time will tell!

JDM Orlando – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=236733380089647

Tell them I sent you for a hookup on price :)

Intro music: Initiator by Dapp

Second song: David Cutter

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