Random Cali Footage (BMX)

I went out to California for Stranger’s Sneak-a-Tour and whipped out the camera a few times. We filmed a lot for other videos out there so check them out in the description.
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So I went to California to do this tour with Stranger where we basically randomly showed up at skateparks/shops with a few hours notice. It was a pretty cool concept and a lot of good riding went down. Unfortunately there were two people on the trip whose paid job was to film so I kind-of felt weird using my camera and jacking their clips. It may not have been the most productive trip for my own content, but I’m hyped on everything as a whole. I’ll post links in the description of other videos from the trip that I’m in as they come out.

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind on uploads. Literally got back from Cali, had a friends wedding, played catch up with school work, celebrated Nicole’s birthday, and am now finally getting a chance to spend some time editing. Everybody has busy weeks – so I appreciate you guys understanding.

Thanks for watching!

Ham Am (Last day of trip) – http://thecomeup.com/videos/ham-am-jam-2015-official-video/






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