Redefining Car Goals: How a 335i Changed my Life

My obsession with this BMW was able to completely transform my life as I knew it. Join me for a ride as I tell you my success story that can all be traced back to a simple 335i. I’ve been wanting to tell this to you guys for ages – I hope it inspires all of you :)
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You guys have been asking for a car check on my 335i over and over, and I finally set out to film it. However, I felt like I was doing the car an injustice by not telling you the story behind why it’s so important to me. I thought about including this at the beginning of the car check, but that would have made it like a 40 minute video – so I decided to split it in two.

In regards to the story, I cover just about everything. The only thing I really noticed that I left out was that Alfredo Mancuso was HIGHLY influential to this story in being an idol of mine and also helping me with a lot of my first orders and shipping logistics. I always looked up to Alfredo for being a (really good) BMX rider that also went to college, is super smart, and for driving awesome BMWs.

Set goals. Work hard. And success will come. I’m routin’ for you guys. 

Thanks for watching :)

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