Relationship Goals: Adam LZ and his Girlfriend in CT

Live a week with my girlfriend and me doing some pretty awesome stuff up in CT. I make fun of her a lot, and we do things like climb fire-towers, hit the snow slopes, and race around in an $80,000 BMW M4. I normally only film when I’m riding bikes, but I thought this could be cool for a change. Let us know if it’s something you are into! (Description continued below)
HUGE thanks to Nick Murray for lending us his M4 for the day. Words can’t express how awesome it was that he just went home and trusted us with it!

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Don’t worry, I haven’t given up bikes or anything. It was just tough to ride a lot when we were up north with the weather, so I just decided to film EVERYTHING we did, and this video was a result. Nicole is awesome, and so are you guys!