We drove over to Freehold Skatepark in an attempt to see if after many years of being closed to BMX to see if the times have changed at all and maybe we could ride or if we aren’t aloud then hopefully we could get someone to give us a reason why BMX isn’t allowed. We were really surprised to roll up to the skatepark and see that it is completely closed for the day on a perfectly beautiful summer day.. insane. Instead of sitting and complaining we decided to see what we could ride around the park and Cory Berglar and Big Boy and myself actually found some really fun stuff to ride! Me and Cory did this bench ride train to tail whip! Big Boy crashed multiple times and finally after wondering around the whole park for a while someone came up to us to tell us that we weren’t allowed. The guy was cool but he didn’t really have any answers for us and told us that we should go to a town meeting in attempt to get bikes in the skatepark. After that we went back to my bike shop to have a skid challenge! We all started out with brand new tires and did as many skids as possible in attempt to see who could pop their tire first! Another awesome day spent riding BMX! follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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