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DIG is proud to present ‚Roc Bottom‘ a great scene video out of Rochester, NY produced by Dave Raffa featuring Matt Smith, Nate Stahura, Peter Knapp, Dave Raffa himself, Dan Collier, John Bechtold, Phil Demattia, Tony Hamlin, Ryan Cork, Nick Spath, and a gang of friends. Welcome to Rochester, New York. Enjoy!

„This video is a very accurate rendition of what life was like in Rochester. We went on weekly adventures, drank tons of Genesee, and rode tons of amazing spots. Rochester is a great place and Dave is a true sportsman. Often I would ride down my block to his house for beers, bike vids, and cooking on the grill. Dave is on the hunt for spots and almost always has a game plan of where to go on the weekends. What I appreciate about Dave is he really pays attention to how we all ride bike. He would find spots and if he thought someone else in the crew could do something cool on it, he’d let em know. The vintage Rochester film spliced in between sections reminds me of how enterprising the Rochester, New York vibe is. It’s a different feeling here. Maybe it’s the brutal winters that turn everyone into hearty resilient people. The group section pretty much sum up what it’s like mobbing around town when everyone comes out. Rochester has a great BMX community. I’m honored Dave let me help out with this project and proud of how he put it together. I learned a lot during this video, on and off the bike. Shout out to Dave, Cork, Nick, Tony, Phil, Uncle Dad ( Nate ) and everyone else in the video. I’m thankful to say these guys in Rochester, got a friend in PA.“ – Matt Smith

Filmed and edited by Dave Raffa

Words from the man behind ‚Roc Bottom‘ Dave Raffa over on DIG –

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