We made it to 400,000 Subscribers! For this challenge, Cory Berglar wanted to get redemption on the 540 tail whip that he crashed really hard on during the Game of Bike that happened a few months ago! Cory was a bit nervous but you can tell that he really wanted to get the monkey off his back! First try he crashed again but he slid out safely, second try didn’t go so well.. He had an identical crash just like the bad one a few months ago! at this point i was terrified for my friends well being but i did have confidence that he could land this one. And to make the deal that much sweeter, we both agreed to play another Game of Bike against each other when the channel hits 1,000,000 subscribers! And that if he landed the 540 whip that would carry over to that game as his first trick! Did he get it?? Go watch now! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!