S&M QP#3 – „Summer of S&M“ – Trailer

Main Feature Runtime: 35min 12sec

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ftWOz0soXE
Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/26297350

This is the trailer for the third video in the S&M Bikes QP – 4 DVD Box Set. Available here: http://www.sandmbikes.com/_product_87314/DVD_-_QP_BOX_SET

Description: Join Mickey Marshall, Lil Jeff, Pedro-(Jonathan Kikawa), AJ Anaya, and Mike Saavedra as they head to Pensylvania to hit up some trails in the hot summer heat. From there, we transition into full parts from Scott Twifford, Chad Johnston, Isaac Barnes, and finally ending with Cameron Wood. With the video starting with a chill beginning, and transitioning into a rock and roll BMX montage with good tunes throughout, this video is sure to please the discerning BMX fan.

Split Part from: Mike Saavedra & AJ Anaya

Appearances from: Ryan Russell, Jay Lonergran, Australian, Chris Moeller, Eric Jensen, Dude Man, Dude Man Man, Brian Foster

Full Parts From: Scott Twifford, Chad Johnston, Isaac Barnes, Cameron Wood.

The Witch Doctors
„Burn Me Tomorrow“

Camera: Bean – Brennan Britain, Davis James, Justin Soule, Jesse Tellez, Ray Tellez, Dave Jacobs, and Larry Alvarado.

Editing & Graphics: Dave Jacobs

DVD Bonus Features Include:
Outtakes – 26min 57sec
2010 S&M Bikes Rail Jam – 4min 6sec
Shop Loop – (Loops main feature continuously – 35min 12sec)

External Links:

  • sibmx.de