Subrosa in Atlanta

„If I could re-live any week of my life, this would be it. All of our faces hurt the entire time from laughing too much at Kyle Hart’s antics and smiling too much after great clips. These guys had me cheesin‘ the entire time, and it was an absolute treat to witness the feed-off-each-other vibe they hold down so well. This was the most productive trip I’ve ever been on; I never thought a 32-clip day would happen, but the team proved me wrong. Sit back and enjoy the next 13 minutes of your life as you witness Simone Barraco, Nick Bullen, Joris Coulomb, Scott Ditchburn, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, and Mark Mulville all puttin‘ down the hot moves in Hotlanta. Hoang was along for the ride, but was still recovering from an injury so he took it easy. Thanks for the great times guys!“ -Bobby Kanode

Filmed and Edited by:
Bobby Kanode

Additional Filming:
Lahsaan Kobza
Ryan Sher
Hoang Tran

Dirty Art Club
„Black Acid“

Satan Worshipping Doom

Ryan Hemsworth
„Charlie Wingate“
Kitsch Genius

Nothing/Burnt Alive